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By partnering with parents, we seek to provide students with an academically-excellent education that combines the beauty of homeschooling with the structure and order of a traditional Christian classroom.  Our desire is that the biblical worldview that permeates our courses, along with our training in character and virtue will reinforce the discipleship already occurring in the homes and local churches of our families.  Being in the classroom with teachers 2-3 days a week relieves some of the stress on parents to formulate and execute an academic plan, both for the year and week to week, allowing them freedom to enjoy their educational time at home with their children.  We also hope to connect families to one another, forming a community of like-minded parents and students dedicated to a classical, Christian education that honors and glorifies God.


  1. Center everything we do, particularly our instruction, around a solid, biblical worldview.
  2. Provide our families with a dynamic, academically excellent education.
  3. Inspire our students to detect and love the good, the true, and the beautiful through the reading of great books and by training them in character and virtue.
  4. Prepare students to launch into the world, knowing HOW to think and hopefully seeking to live for the glory of God.
  5. Give our parents time at home with their children to love, nurture, and disciple them. 

These components serve as a sort of DNA that has become the focus and heartbeat of everything we do at CCA.  It is who we are at our core and provides the framework we use to filter decisions, run daily operations at school, hire teachers/staff, and execute and move this program in a direction that effectively matches that vision for our families.