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At Charis, we teach students to live lives that reflect biblical standards and principals. Our list of virtues, along with the Code of Conduct, provide concreate examples of virtuous living that will hopefully transform into gospel living as the Holy Spirt takes root in their lives.

CCA Virtues
CITIZENSHIP – Live to serve
COURAGE – Overcome struggle with heart
FRIENDSHIP – Be the best for others
HONESTY – Always speak the truth
HUMILITY – Let other go first
INTEGRITY – Make the right choice
PERSEVERANCE – Never give up
RESPONSIBILITY – Own your actions
WISDOM – Know then act

CCA Code of Conduct

We honor authority by cheerfully and promptly obeying.
We honor others by appealing respectfully and courteously. We do not argue or negotiate.
We love and honor one another in all we do.
We honor others by giving encouragement to each other.
We honor others by not pointing out the shortcomings of others in order to build ourselves up.
We honor others by telling the truth.
We honor the classroom and teacher by not passing notes or otherwise interrupting.
We honor others by not spreading rumors or gossip.
We honor ourselves and others by not make excuses for our wrong actions, but will admit them.
We honor others by avoiding cliques, clubs, or games that exclude others.
We honor others by offering forgiveness.
We honor others by comforting those who are sad or discouraged.
We honor our teachers by doing the work we are given without complaining.
We honor our classroom, and the building, by cleaning up any messes we make.
We honor others by treating them with respect and patience.